Hayuta Cohen

Hayuta is a registered nurse, certified hypnotherapist, medical hypnotherapist, a transformation coach, and proud mother of four grown children.

She received her BS degree in nursing from the University of Phoenix in 1998. After working in several hospitals and various fields of nursing, she chose to specialize in home health. For 15 years, she enjoyed developing personal relationships with her patients by helping them and their families in their natural environment: teaching, listening, and holding their hands.

Following  a difficult and life-changing bout with breast cancer, Hayuta began to seek out additional paths through which she could help others in a deep and profound way. In 2008, she became a certified hypnotherapist. Learning about the power of the human mind, and how it can be used in positive and powerful ways to help people create the lives that they desire, was an eye-opening experience for her, and the realization of her life’s calling. In 2010, she decided to retire from nursing and opened her private practice. Through Good Life Hypnotherapy, she has been able to apply herself fully to the mission of supporting people through their transformative journeys.


For the past two years, Hayuta has been working on her PhD in Applied Psychophysiology. 

Hayuta's Other Projects

Good Life Academy, Co-Founder: A home-based center providing a warm and supportive haven for personal growth and development through a wide range of learning experiences, such as classes, workshops, lectures, movie screenings, various groups, and personal sessions of psychology, hypnotherapy, coaching, chiropractics, acupuncture and more, for children and adults. 

Breech Circle, Co-Founder: A group of four professionals offering an evidence-based, revolutionary approach to breech presentation, that is both painless and natural. 


Stand By Me, Co-Founder, Active Volunteer: A non-profit organization that assists Israeli-American cancer patients and their families in the Los Angeles area.


American Holistic Nurses Association: Proud Member